About us

About us

Our Values

• Safety, health, and environment

• Clients and customers

• Team and colleagues

• Initiatives–Regularly improvement

• Business ethics

Our Vision

We would be reach transport service to the world standard.

Our Mission

We will be providing transport service to a professional level.

What do we do? About us

“Khanbogd khurd” LLC was established in 2012 and started to cooperate with “Oyu tolgoi” LLC since 2013. Currently, we serves for customer to passenger transport services and provides human resource management to Oyu tolgoi LLC, examples; transportation, underground, warehouse and the department of transport in Ulaanbaatar. We also cooperate with the suppliers and contractors of Oyu tolgoi LLC.

Our organization has totally over 200 employees and there have been over 170 specialized drivers. Among our drivers there have been Credential of The Transport of Ministry and 8 drivers with the title of excellent transporter and it is proud.


  • 33 transport vehicles fully equipped in fuel and speed GPS with its modern electric control system
  • 37 transport vehicles fully equipped in speed GPS and camera with modern electric control system of Oyu Tolgoi LLC.

There have been transport vehicles as follows:

  • For guest or VIP service: vehicles including NISSAN PATROL, INFINITY, LAND CRUISER 200
  • For passenger service: vehicles including КАMAZ bus, SKANIA kamaz bus, HYUNDAI, YUTONG bus, TRANSIT minibus, LAND CRUISER 76
  • For special service: for SOS medical service vehicles including LAND CRUISER 76 and KAMAZ
  • For transport service of economic entity: vehicles including NORTH BENZ, КАMAZ.

We strictly comply with “Rio Tinto C-3 standard on vehicle and driving”in our activity and have conducted activities as its result “Work performance on occupational safety and health and environment” of our company is regularly assessed at the adequate level in the monthly score meeting on “Assessment of implementing contract” by“Oyu Tolgoi” LLC.

We have been operating in compliance with Mongolian law and regulations and implementing Health, Safety and Environment management system. We have been investing systematically for training and health of employees and developing sustainable our operation and creating workplace. It is our responsibility to contribute substantially to our local development.

The team consists of over 270 employees, including management team, legal consultant, finance, human resource, safety operation team, and transport coordinators, travel management coordinators, specialized drivers, operators, auto engineers, auto electricians, and auto mechanics. We aim for building 70-80 percent of our personnel from the local community.