Social responsibility

Social responsibily

“Khanbogd Khurd” LLC has provided work places for over 200 people, has complied with laws and regulations fairly, has made its contribution into the development and achievement of the country, has paid Corporate Income Tax, Value-Added Tax, Personal Income Tax, Social Insurance Commission within the legal term and has fulfilled social responsibilities.

In the framework of the policy on “Ensuring and improving social participation”:

In order to provide participation of local business entities and
citizens of the local area:

  • Has constituted 85 percent employees of the local area
  • Operates to follow the policy to constitute up to 40 percent of service machines and techniques with the participation of corporate and citizens of the local area.
  • Also orders PPE of employees to the sewing company of Khanbogd soum and supports its activity.

Furthermore we have been working aiming at supporting local citizens, implement the policy to provide work places, and create much more work places.