Transport service

Transport of freight

We render service of freight transport to transport goods, materials and equipment of business entities of the country and the People’s Republic of China in heavy trucks.

Passenger transport

We serve safety and comfortable to passengers for following direction; to Ulaanbaatar, in Oyu tolgoi mine site, to Khanbogd soum, to Tsagaan khad, to Dalanzadgad soum, to Bayan ovoo soum, to Tsogt tsetsii soum and to Manlai soum. We drive by following vehicles:

• Passenger transportation –by large, medium and small size buses;Hyundai – New Aero bus, Aero Space, Universe, Kia Granbird, Yutong, Skania, Starex, HiАce, Transit and Kamaz

• VIP passenger transportation – by Land cruiser 200, Land cruiser 76, Nissan patrol and Infinity.

Auto transport service

Renders transport service for Camp service in “Oyu Tolgoi” site in medium scale Vacuum trucks.

Special service

Operators drive specialist equipment for loading, carrying and seize tools by forklift, telehandler and crane.